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Through-hole Assemblies

Through-hole close-up

Hi-Tek still supports some older through-hole printed circuit board (PCB) designs.  By using automatic insertion equipment and optimizing materials we are able to achieve superior quality with competitive pricing and turnaround times.  Populated PCBs are flowed using computer-controlled wave solder machines with precise profiles, achieved with the help of convection pre-heaters.  Quick flux changeover allows us to use either water-soluble organic or no-clean RMA flux.  After rigorous inspection, soldered circuit boards are washed with deionized water using a highly efficient aqueous washing system.

Through-hole boards

The through-hole assembly process includes—
  • Component preparation
  • Component insertion
  • Pre-flow visual inspection
  • Solder flow
  • Secondary assembly
  • Visual component and solder joint inspection
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Final inspection and functional testing
  • ESD packaging and shipping
The following equipment is available for these kinds of boards:
  • A full array of prep equipment
  • Axial sequencer and inserter
  • Electrovert wave soldering machine
  • ESD certified and calibrated soldering stations
  • ESD-protected and calibrated mechanical assembly tools